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The Six Blades campaign has been created in 1997. I used quite a long time to create adventures and the world. The big companies offer a lot of material to many role-playing games, such as AD&D; there are plenty of worlds, cities, characters, adventures and other related material - everything a game-master will need. So, why create own world and own adventures?

I have always created my own adventures. I have also created suitable world around it with all the legends and tales. When I create the tales and the world by myself, I can be sure that I know everything. Players can't read or learn anything for the adventures before the actual game. However, not all my ideas are my own inventions. Many of them are borrowed from television, books, movies, and magazines and so on, I can get an idea even when I look out for the window. And of course many of the good ideas can be found from other role-playing adventures. So the De'ja vu is possible when you read my adventures.

I cannot remember where I have found all 'my ideas', so if something sounds too familiar to you or you have seen it somewhere else before send a mail to me ( and I will add the regards to original creator. Finally I would like to thank all my sources that have helped me to create the Six Blades adventure and web pages.


When the Six Blades campaign was played first time in 1997 the original heroes were:


In October 1998 the campaign saw the light again when I dug the old and dusty papers. The decision to begin the adventure again was made in the meeting of the CRYO (the local role-playing Club) and I divided the eager players to two parties. The Slashing party started the game in the October 4th 1998 and the Muppets party in October 7th, 1998.

My purpose was to play the Six Blades campaign in one year and to collect the players' diaries for the game to be published in Internet. I'll publish the diaries when both groups, the Muppets and the Slashing, have finished the same adventure. The dates in diaries are not the actual gaming dates, but the dates in Nagai for the heroes.

When both, the Muppets and the Slashing have reached the end of the Six Blades I will publish my adventure notes, not before.

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