The Quick Guide to the Six Blades

There is plenty of reading in this website. I recommend you to start from the diaries of the first adventure (the Lovers).

There you can find the diaries of the Slashing party (Legio, Lorna, Jalvyn, Sambal and Zayin) and the Muppets party (Draviga, Jack, Dam, Morganbach, Orion and Shan). The diaries will tell the stories of the heroes and how they saw the adventure. In the beginning of the adventure page there is introduction which gill give the general description of the adventure.

There are lots of links in pages that will lead to additional information of people,  places, tales and magical items. They will give you more information world around heroes.

I recommend that you will visit in Table of Contents page, which contains links to all pages.

Have a nice reading moments.

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