The Chronicles of Nagai

Sisterhood of Amazon, The

Wizard Jalvyn Fellstar tells secret information for sisterhood of Amazon.  When you see a noble woman carrying a mark that has a white rose with thorns around a sword, you have met a woman from the sisterhood of Amazon. (Not yet translated to english)

People of Sun, The

Before The Red Desert was formed, there was old desert in the south. The old legends tell that there lived the strange warriors, which the elves called Thrikhrens. (Not yet translated to english)

Manor of Horse Lord, The >

When the heroes arrived to the manor of horse lord Ptospes, they saw that everything was not right.

Tomb, The >

The heroes found this strange tomb when they traveled towards Stoel in the adventure 17-3 (The Honor and Oath).

Monastery of Menthrop, The >

The Heroes found the manor of Menthrop and learned its grave secret..

Tower of Dark Wizard, The >

The Slashing hero, wizard Jalvyn Fellstar, studied the ancient tower of Dark Master and found out its secrets.

Black Gloves and The White Gloves

The Black Gloves and the White Gloves are two thieves' guilds in Orinoco. Written by Aramoto Akimbo (Not yet translated to english).

Artifacts and Relics of Nagai, The

There are many artifacts and legendary magical items the heroes have found during their adventures (Not yet translated to english).

Nomads of the Red Desert, The

The Red Desert is one of the areas in Nagai that no kingdom may claim to itself. The reason is obvious the hot desert offers nothing. The only inhabitants of the desert are the nomads. They live in tribes traveling from oasis to oasis, battling against other tribes for the water. There are lots of stories of these warlike and solitary people (Not yet translated to english).

Village of the Red Dungeons >

Before the heroes arrived to the Red Dungeons, they spend some time in the village of Red Dungeons.

Red Dungeons, The >

When the heroes arrived to the Red Dungeons they found ancient dwarven halls and mines where no-one had been for centuries. The Dungeons almost defeated them, but they succeeded to find the dark secret buried inside.

Order of Start, The

The brotherhood of monks, who try to collect information, legends and artifacts of ancient history, introduced by the Muppets priest Orion (Not yet translated to english),

Knights of Tulip, The  >

One of the famous mercenary groups is the Knights of the Tulips. They have fought many battles against the orcs and darklings in the western Nagai. The reason to their fall was the Brotherhood of Light and today they are called to the Murderers of the Tulips.

Brotherhood of Light, The >

The oldest and greatest brotherhood of priests worshipping the Gods of Light is the Brotherhood of Light. It has almost in every corner of Nagai a strong spiritual and religional influence. The only exceptions are Bael-Ungra and Teh-Bar.

Old Ones, The

The Old Ones are told to descend for the first humans the Gods created. The original Old Ones have disappeared long ago (Not yet translated to english).

Guild of the Free, The >

The Guild of the Free is the home of the Heroes - the Muppets and the Slashing. It is the most famous Thieves' Guild in Stoel ... but not the only one.

Bloodroot, The >

The bloodroot is narcotic which is grown in Trapps. It has caused many tragedies and troubles in Stoel.

Viswanthan >

The heroes have traveled all across the Nagai. Some places they have changed history and many of the places have changed totally. Viswanthan was place where their fate changed.

Hillgrove, The >

After the siege of Birchknoll the heroes traveled to north with halflings. Orc chased them but finally they reached small mining village called Hillgrove.