Village of Red Dungeons

Before the heroes entered to the Red Dungeons, they spent time on village of Red Dungeons in adventure 19 (Grave of the Old Ones). They met the denizens of village and explored several places before they finally entered to the mine.

The link in picture will open larger and more informative map . Each explanation left of picture will lead you to the adventure where the heroes explored the area. The diaries will explain what the heroes did and met there.

Village of Red Dungeons >

When the heroes traveled towards the Red Dungeons, they arrived to a small village. They didn't even knew that there were a village near dungeons and were surprised. It was not commonly known where the Red Dungeons were in Stoel, not no-one knew any verified details for it.

In the village the heroes lived in Red Miner and met inhabitants. Most of them were retired adventures, and some were common tillers. You can read more the people heroes met for adventure 19 (Grave of the Old Ones).

Muppets heroes entered to the Red Dungeons through the keep, but Slashing heroes went to north with an old priestess to help sick people.

Keep of the Red Dungeons >

The first building in village that visitors notice is the great keep that is build partly inside the mountain. It is strongly guarded and at least five different flags of Brotherhood Of Light were on walls.

Slashing hero Balaur DeVrede sneaked to the courtyard and found out some information for the keep in adventure 19 (Grave of the Old Ones)

Inside areas of the Keep of the Red Dungeons >

The heroes didn't found out much for the inside parts of the keep of the Red Dungeons.

Muppets heroes followed the priests to inside and easily persuaded them to allow the heroes enter inside the mines.

Slashing heroes tried to sneak inside, but priests detected them. After a short battle the heroes managed to escape after they set on fire the temple hall.

You can read more for their diaries.

The Jail >

The prisoners didn't live in the jail of the Keep of the Red Dungeons, but the priests had built great three level prison inside the mountain. The only access to out for the dungeons was strange flying disc that obeyed only the commands of high priest.

The jail is near the mines and prisoners were easy to move to work inside the mines.

Muppets heroes traveled through the jail but could receive much information for it. Their journey through the jail you can read for the diaries of adventure 19 (Grave of the Old Ones).

Red Miner >

Red Miner is both inn and courtesan house. The heroes visited some of the inhabitants of the inn.

Muppets hero Orion spent part of his penance time in rRed Miner. One of the courtesans found Orion's innocence attractive. What then happened you can read for his diary.

When the Slashing heroes searched lost diary of Wind Wizard Herthe in adventure 18-3 (Diary of Wind Wizard Herthe), the wizard Jalvyn died. His soul traveled to silent halls of the dead and the other heroes tried to resurrect him in adventure 18-4 (Silent Halls of the Dead).

Slashing heroes returned to the inn later in adventure 19 (Grave of the Old Ones) when they escorted an old elven priest in his mission.

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