Red Dungeons

The heroes arrived to the Red Dungeons and found the lost halls and caves where no-one had been for centuries. The dark caves almost defeated them, but the heroes continued and finally discovered the dark secret buried inside the Dungeons.

The link in picture will open larger and more informative map . Each explanation left of picture will lead you to the adventure where the heroes explored the area. The diaries will explain what the heroes did and met there.

The maps are linear and follow the squares of squared paper. This is only because they are easier to draw and explain. The caves and halls are no really so edgy, but they are formed more freely. The ceilings of Khazakar are actually smooth and round.

Red Mine >

Muppets heroes enterned the Red Dungeons through the Keep of the Red Dungeons. They saw the residences of the prisoners and saw the mines. They traveled through the red mine to the older tunnels where the priests didn't dare to follow them. Anyone who entered the old tunnels got red pestilence and there was no cure for it.

Bravely the heroes entered old tunnels when the gates closed behind them.

Rift Tunnels >

The strange tunnels created by dwarves led them to place where Umber Hulk monsters lived. These hard-shelled monsters could dig through the hard stone and they waited for adventures fool enough to enter their realm.

The Slashing heroes found their way to the Red Dungeons for a crack that led to the ground above. The descend to the tunnels without knowledge that they were on Red Dungeons.

The Muppets heroes entered to tunnels from the Red Mine, but they were not sure what was waiting inside.

Khazakar >

The heroes found deep chasm that was almost impossible to cross even with magic. Something there canceled all their magic. The ordinary methods seem to fail also when the walls cracked when they climbed on them. The heroes had met a problem that was beyond their abilities.

Khazakar, or Zandinell, as he first introduced himself was an old fool which the Beholder had captured. He told the heroes horror stories for the inhabitant of round tunnels and begged them to led him out. The heroes, however, wanted first explore the tunnels. Finally they discovered the truth for the tunnels and the old wizard.

The heroes found the great golden doors under water in great hall. When they opened the doors, their world changed totally..

Dwarven Mines >

The heroes traveled deeper inside the old caves and tunnels and found the old dwarven halls and mines.

When they explored dusty chambers and halls they discovered the dark secret. The marks of war were still visible and strange monsters lurked inside dark halls. The heroes found also  the dwarven lord that had golden crown.

The dark secrets buried to dwarven tunnels almost killed the heroes, but their creative actions saved them.

The heroes also met the efreeti called Al Quete Melanfican and the soulmaster of the third house, Verdian. They found the grave of  G'naragh Firewalker and resting place of his fiery servants.

Nest >

The heroes encountered huge ants which used four of their legs to move and carried spears in their forelegs.

The ants attacked chaotic heroes. Heroes defended themselves bravely, but some of them were captured. They found out that the ant queen guarded one of the three dwarven artifacts. The heroes negotiated with the queen and finally left the nest with a golden scepter.

The ants closed the tunnels leading to dwarven mines when the heroes continued their journey.

Mountain Hall >

The heroes found an old mountain hall attacked by orcs when they searched one of the dwarven artifact, Scepter of Dwarven Lord.

Heroes found restless dwarven ghosts and traces of great battle. One of the ghosts sat on great throne and in his had was golden scepter, but it was not real. Strange dreams begin to bother the heroes and they felt the battle fought centuries ago. Orcs attacked dwarves and dwarves tried to defend their halls.

Finally the dwarves managed to activate massive defensive mechanisms that collapsed the tunnels on orcs. Unfortunately some of dwarves were trapped to mountain hall. Now the restless ghosts wandered in empty halls waiting for the rest.

Tombs >

In their search of the  third dwarven lord the heroes entered old dwarven tombs.

The dwarven tomb was guarded by huge statue that appeared to be ancient dwarf called Draegar Stonehead. The heroes were surprised when the statue descended for the pedestal and attacked them. They fled deeper inside the tombs only to encounter dwarven ghost that spoke old dwarven language. He said the strange words in dwarven language: 'Khulan Geroch Me'Lath Go Region Melath Ukal Khenog Miteg Ghorth Telagh'.

The heroes found out that the dwarven ghost was the second guard of the tombs and his words were traslated as following: 'By the Stone, by the Pick. Speak The Name of Hero and Tell His Tale. Thus He Enters To The Halls Of Great Ghorth'.'

Hearth of Darkness >

Finally the heroes arrived to the source of the curse of Red Dungeons. They met Elanien Ethel Elithien Telianetian Elethel, fallen angel, and the Hearth of Darkness.  The LIght has always been with the heroes but now the darkness threw them deep into sorrow and changed their destiny.

Here the heroes found lost chronicle of Elaine and understood what happened centuries ago when the darkness was expelled.

Their journey continued in Stoel. They had to solve the mystery of the Nameless and had to follow his footsteps. History was repeating once again.

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