The Knights of Tulip

TulipsThe Knights of Tulip were a mercenary group, where belonged 27 men. They all tattooed a tulip to the left shoulder tulip usually a red one. The leader of knights was the man called the White-Eye. No one knows his real name but his according to his manners he was born to upper class and was perhaps a former noble. The left eye of the White-Eye second is blind.

The White-Eye fosters old code of knights of Light which code said: The Honor is my Lance, Truth is my Shield and My Word is my Law. They all obey this rule literally. The mutual differences of the knights are based on to the honor and each has his position according to his actions. Dishonorable behavior or lying is punished by banishment.

The knights do not have noble position is society but they are respected all over the western Nagai. The are famous by reason; they are efficient warriors and all are old veterans of war. They have fought mostly against the orcs and other darklings from Bael Ungra.

The reason to their fall was the bishop of Jarnstav, Agnostus the Honest. Two years they were fought under the command of brotherhood of Light but then they got better bargain from south and planned to cancel the agreement with brotherhood. The bishop Agnostus had however begin to think that the Knights of Tulip were the soldiers of brotherhood and didn't accept they separation.

The White-Eye and bishop argued a long time. The bishop regarded that argument as a blasphemy. It is commonly known that the word of bishop was the word of god. That insult must be punished he though.

So the bishop of Jarnstav pretended to agree and invited the knights to a farewell meal to Jarnstav. The White-Eye couldn't expect such a treachery when he and the other Knights of Tulip arrived to Jarnstav.

The Agnostus had called the Doom Brigade of the Brotherhood and in the middle of the meal they attacked the knights.

They slaughtered almost every knight before they could react. Only the White-Eye, Kalmancil, Enharm and Hallart succeeded to resist but they were out numbered and had to flee. These last four members of the Knight of the Tulip made an oath to revenge the fall of the other knights. They separated and promised to meet each other after a ten years…

Some original members of the Knights of the Tulip:

The White-Eye, Enharm the Silly, Hallant the Perivan, Kalmancil the Scarred, Caleb the Orinocon †, Boro the Strongarm †, Liba †, Windert the Windmeal † and Luke the Unhappy †.

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