The Guild of the Free

The Guild of the Free is the guild of the thieves in the Trapps. The man called the One-hand founded it.

The Guild of the Free was the base of the heroes when they began their journey. The guild is located in Trapps and it is local thieves' guild. There lives also powerful priest, Brother Stone, and wizard, Dark Master. Brother Stone has a small temple in the guild house and Dark Master has his tower on the other side of the guild house. The leader of guild is One Hand and his first man is Jiro, a man who later betrayed the guild and joined the Uscans, guild of assassins.

The guild was a base to the heroes for a long time, until in adventure 12 (Flood) whole Trapps was destroyed. The guild house, however, survived because of Dark Master and it is almost only building remaining in Trapps. Nowadays the guild house is no longer headquarter of the Guild of the Free because most of the denizens of Trapps moved to Stoel in adventure 13 (Fate of Trapps).

The heroes found the tunnels in first adventure (Lovers) and the secret room under the temple in adventure 10 (Mirror of Visions)

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History of the Guild of the Free

The right hand of The One-Hand is cut from the wrist. Long ago he was caught for theft and the breaking of the hand was punishment. He didn't steal gold, but only bread because was hungry. Day before that he, however, stole several purses. Disabled and broken young man experienced the awakening; He saw what was happening to thieves, to the poor and especially those who didn't stole for greed but to hunger. He collected group of other thieves and beggars, and established so- called thieves' guild, the Guild of the Free.

The beginning of the Guild was not easy, but long road to help poor people. With his friends he taught the poor the indigent skills how survive in the Stoel; the skills of pick pocket, swindles, tricks, and so on, any skills that will help poor to survive in the world of rich. These principles he still wants to follow, although the old age makes his joints to ache and bends back. He wishes to find someone to share these principles and continue his work. Although the One-Hand makes no longer the decisions in the Guild, he keeps the right to say last word if needed.

Enemies of the Guild of the Free

The largest problem of the Guild of the Free is competing Thieves' guild, Uskans. Long ago, several thieves from the Guild of the Free didn't accept One-Hand's charity, they kept it an encumbrance "to the business". They said that the Guild should leave 'non-productive' poor members and concentrate their resource to more productive business. Many of them even suggested that Guild should teach skills of assassination and accept assassination missions.

The One-Hand refused and so ten of the Guild members left and disappeared to the Trapps. One of them was the One-Hand nearest advisor. Soon One-Hand discovered that his guild had a competitor, who called themselves the Uskans.

The Uskans proved themselves with well-heeled tasks, mostly assassinations and robberies in the Grace and the Crossing. Without the help of the merchants of the Crossing they never would have grown so powerful so quickly. Many in the Crossing knew the Guild of the Free and its activity had alarmed many.

The organized activity in the Trapps worried many merchants, especially because they didn't negotiated with them. The Uskans were answer to the worried merchants and with them the merchants hoped the Guild of the Free would soon vanish. The Guild of the Free didn't have powerful members who know the art of war and thus the Uskans proved to be more powerful and more organized. However the Uskans didn't dare to begin open war against the Guild of the Free. They didn't have what the Guild of the Free had, a powerful priest and a wizard with students.

Activities of the Guild of the Free

The Guild of the Free doesn't collect the money for itself; the purpose of the One-Hand had always been the charity work. Every member pays to his guild a tenth of his catch. Once a week the guild arranges a free meal to any willing. The remaining money is shared to the poor people of the Trapps.

The Guild offers to their members tips for the good catches and training. The One-Hand doesn't accept assassination nor blackmailing, those are only for immoral and evil ways. The Guild also teaches other ways earn money. The art of cheating, begging, entertaining provide a good way to earn money. The Guild has also many safe houses in the Crossing.

Because the One-Hand does not accept assassination missions or scaring, some members complain that they lose profitable missions. They expect much for the Jiro, which is assumed to be next boss in the Guild of the Free. Nevertheless, the most people in Trapps love One-Hand.

Council of the Guild of the Free

After the flood (adventure 12) One Hand formed the council of the Guild of the Free. Also the heroes were invited. The purpose of council was to help denizens of Trapps to survive after the flood. Because whole Trapps was wasted the only solution was to move everyone inside the walls of Stoel.

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Guild of the Free Today

The Guild has broken after the heroes left the council. Several other members also resigned, only Galgaidheal and Graf remained. They gathered loyal men and women and established two guilds, one to the northern Stoel and the other to southern Stoel.

In addition to Graf's and Galgaidheal's guild, there is third Guild of the Free today. The attack of troops from Bael Ungra drove people to Stoel for haven, but only few had possibility to remain inside the city walls. Many of the refuges have moved to the Trapps. A man, Joshua, saw their distress; the Graf and Galgaidheal didn't paid an attention to newcomers. Thus Joshua established the Guild of the Free and followed the footsteps of One Hand. He began to help again the people of Trapps.

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