The heroes have traveled all around the Nagai and encountered many adventures in their journey. Some places they have even changed the course of history and many places are not the same after the visit of heroes. Viswanthan, however, was the place where the life of heroes changed.

The link in picture will open larger and more informative map . Each explanation left of picture will lead you to the adventure where the heroes explored the area. The diaries will explain what the heroes did and met there.

Entrance to Viswanthan >

Both parties arrived differently to the entrance of Viswanthan. The Muppets heroes arrived there when the earthquake collapsed a cave near Drystone keep in adventure 15 (Drystone Keep) and the Slashing heroes found the illusionary wall in adventure 15 (Prince Ra-Kûl).

They encountered many strange things before they finally arrived to the cave of Viswanthan in adventure 16 (Viswanthan). Later they could not find the entrance again because part of the mountain has collapsed and fallen stones had sealed the cave's entrance.

In the entrance they also encountered one of the strangest creature they had ever met. Some called it gatekeeper, but the heroes called it a five headed dragon.

The entrance of Viswanthan is located near the monastery of Menthrop, south from Stoel.

Visvanthan's Cave >

The heroes arrived to the Viswanthan's cave in adventure 16 (Viswanthan) and met many impressive creatures.

The cave itself was huge, almost one and half mile long and several hundred feet high.

Slashing heroes also bit the last farewell to warrior Sambal Bald and buried him near the lake.

Temple of Visvanthan >

Temple of Viswanthan was fatal to the heroes. They found several strange rooms which appeared to be empty. They also found out who or what the VIswanthan really was and what he had begun in adventure 16 (Viswanthan).

The heroes faced the death in the chamber of Viswanthan. Their story, however, didn't ended but they found themselves in strange place... or maby in strange time in next  adventure 17 (Rulers of Time).

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