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Keitä löytyykään kristallipallosta tänään?I have collected links to the other role-playing pages to this page. You can send your own favorite links related to role-playing - and why not other subjects.

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Role-Playing Related Homepages

AD&D Realm >

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. All the stuff about Advanced Dungeons and Dragons you need to know.
AD&D Realm

Homepage of Janne Kallio >

Janne Kallio has created excellent pages for his fantasy world, adventures, characters and art.

Lady Selina's Mansion >

Personal homepages for ancient Egypt and role-playing.

Sarothai's Menagerie >

A website with house rules for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and Champions
D&D and Champions Source material

The World of Meln >

Meln is very highly detailed campaign world for all fantasy role playing systems. We have lots of maps, detailed information about history, religions and gods, cultures and races and much, much more..

Role-playing Companies and Shops

Gamemaster Online >

Your source for information on your favorite store in New Jersey.  The Gamemaster is here to provide you with products for your favorite game as well as a place to enjoy the game

Wizards of the Coast (ex TSR Inc.) >

A great company which created the famous AD&D (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons). I would like to thank also the great guru Gary to Gygax who has his own web pages in address

Web Rings >

You can access Six Blades -website via several Web Rings and Portals. You can also access other rola-playing related web pages via them. The page contains several links so it may take a while to load the page.

The Awards >

The Awards are nice to have and read. From here you can find fine award logos my website has earned.

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You may insert link to the Six Blades website you your own link list. Use the address You may also use the official Six Blades logo. Write the following HTML code to your page:

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The Six Blades website is made for role-players and anyone interested in fantasy adventures. These pages will tell the story of two brave adventuring parties, the Slashing and the Muppets, their journey to the legends and the world around them. The pages are updated when the players advance in the campaign.