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Stoel is growing and doing well. Every day new shopkeepers, adventurers, fortune hunters and other travelers arrive to Stoel. Some of them will remain and new shops, boutiques, inns, stables, and houses are build all the time. Yesterday the merchant bought an old building for the Crossings and today you can see a new sign hanging above the front door of shop. The new merchant smiles in the from of the shop and invites customers welcome.

The intention of the Stoel Project is to build the Stoel an adventurer's paradise where the adventure waits on each corner and street. All kinds of buildings are welcome; shops, workshops, guilds, inns and common houses. You mission is to tell the name of building, where it is located and a long or short description containing a history and appearance of building. If you have picture or map for the building you can send it to my e-mail address and I will add it to page.

My intention indeed is to create a free city available to the game-masters or the players of any role-playing game. It may be used as it is or part of it in your game. Of course one of the reason is also to make the hometown of the Muppets and the Slashing grow more interesting place.

The instructions how to fill the building form is at the bottom of the page.

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The Name of the Building:

Location of the building:
You can select the area for the drop-down menu. If building is not located inside the city walls (for example in Merino or Pelles) write location to the text field under the drop-down control.

Square Location of the Building:
You can select the square either for the drop down or write it to the text box. If your building is located elsewhere you can leave these fields empty.

Description of the Building:

Name or alias of the sender:

E-mail (voluntary):

If the sending fails by some reason you may use my email address (

How to create a building to Stoel

All kinds of buildings are welcome and the language you use to describe it may be either English or Finnish. When you have a idea for the building follow the below instructions:

  1. Select the location for your building for the map of Stoel. The Areas of Stoel section belob contains the pictures for the Stoel and the buildings already belonging to that particular area Part of the buildings are colored and you may also select color of building. The purpose of the colors is to help reader to find the building and it has nothing to do with the real color of the building.
    Large Map of Stoel >
    Stoel I: The Northern Stoel, the Grace, the Westgate and the Grove >
    Stoel II: The Northern Stoel, the Palace of Crystal and the Northgate >
    Stoel III: The Western Stoel, the Geston place and the Crossing >
    Stoel IV: The Eastern Stoel, the North Docks and the Crossing >
    Stoel V: The Southern Stoel, the Southgate and the Maze >
    Stoel VI: The Southern Stoel, the South Docks and the Trapps > 
    The Remarkable Places Near Stoel >
  2. When you have found suitable area for your building memorize the area code and location code. For example the house of the heroes the Grace Road 7 is located on Stoel I for the grid M6. Thus the area code of The Grace Road 7 is [I M6] and the color of the building is blue. Here you can go to see the Grace Road 7.
  3. Next move back to Stoel project send form and fill the name, area code and description of building. You may use your real name and email if you like me to add it to the description of building or you may use an alias (with or without email). When the form is ready press the Send button and, voilá, after next update your building will be visible. You may also use my email address ( and send directly the building to me.

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