Alhraed >

Alhraed is the holy land of Brotherhood of Light. There the religion of Light has flourish more than anywhere else in Nagai. The honor and honesty is the measure of a man and the belief to the seven gods is the base of everything.

Spoken Languages >

The main language is alhraed, language based to old Olorien. It is the official language which every man with status must know. Because the long history with Olorien some speak also the language of greenland. The elven Olorien, however, is known only the old families and it is spoken to rare trusted friends only, because the hostility between humans and elves.

In coastal cities the Sea language of Periva is almost as common as official alhraed; Trade with Periva and Torik had forced the merchants to learn sea language.

In northern Alhraed the merchants also speak nomad languages; because most of the trade with Stoel, Orinoco and Bael-Ungra go through the Red Desert.

Further Information

The heroes haven't visited in Alhraed yet, but before joining to Slashing heroes Balaur DeVrede lived some time in capital city of Alhraed. Afterwards he got trouble and killed the king's son. For that you can read more for his background.

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