Bael Ungra (The Darkland)

The city of Bael Ungra is huge stony fortress where lives almost two hundred citizens. The true rulers of city are the upper-class priestess and priests. They rule other citizens with iron grasp not allowing them to any privileges, not even freedom. The Bael Ungra is like a huge prison. Even though the walls are enormous and will certainly keep invaders at bay they also keep citizens inside. Almost half of the inhabitants of the great city are orcs and other darklings and the rest are humans or half-humans. Human blood had mixed with orcs, trolls, ogres and other darklings during the centuries and it is almost impossible to find pure humans inside the walls.

City of Bael Ungra is located in the west side of the Black Farmountains and all around it there are hot sulphur fountains and dark volcanoes which make the air musty and poisonous. Those merchants who have dare to enter the dark city claim that the air inside the walls is fresh and clean even though it is full of ash and sulphur outside.

The kingdom of Bael Ungra was founded in the middle of fifth age when the Warlord from Orinoco allied with the orcs of Darkland. He united the scattered orcs and darklings under the one flag. The allied forces of darkness could attack more efficiently against wealthy southern villages and cities. The Warlord, Bael Ungra, attacked also against the Farmountain dwarves. The Orcs looted and pillaged underground dwarven cities in spite the dwarven resistance and many clans were annihilated. The remaining dwarves fled to the east. The dwarven artifacts and gold strengthen the inhabitants of the Darkland.

In year 1021 the Bael Ungra begin to build first city to the Darkland. He built one of the greatest cities since the elven courts with thousands of orcs and darklings. The city was named to Bael Ungra and entire Darkland was renamed to the kingdom of Bael Ungra.

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