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D'urd is sparse kingdom where the art of hand and assassination is valued. D'Urd is foreign place for most of the people of Stoel and usually the travelers encounter severe problems if they are not carefully.

Heroes born in D'Urd are Slashing wizard Lorna and priestess Midori. Their history explains some details for current situation of D'Urd. Also the Muppets hero Draviga Geralos born in city of D'Urd and in his background you can find more information for that distant land.


Like Orinoco, the kingdom of D'Urd was founded in the beginning of fifth age when the passes to Tilhus were opened. The original settlers arrived from south and they established small colonies. The villages tried now to defend their territories and used lethal force to keep the new northern settlers at bay. But soon defenders noticed that the new settlers were too numerous and their villages were too scattered and they had to allow new settlers pass to their areas.

The founder of the principality of D’Urd was D'Agaen Kemoa, foreman of the village D’Urd. He negotiated and made alliances with other villages. From that alliance the principality of D'Urd born. Each village retained its autonomy and they paid only a nominal fee to the lord of D'Urd. The small part for each village’s army served in the lord’s army and only when there was greater threat. After that they returned to their home village.

The principality of D'Urd served well almost two centuries. The long peace had caused serious internal disputes between villages and the assassinations, the nighttime attacks and open hostilities had become everyday business. In year 1498 the Lord of D'Urd died without heir or any living relatives thirteen foremen came to claim the throne. When their armies marched towards the city of D'Urd the high commander of the D'Urd's army broke the tables of law and proclaimed to new lord of principality of D'Urd.

At the same year the Alhraed begin to expand toward west and their army crossed the border of D'Urd. The war forced the villages to join against outer threat. The city of D'Urd declined to join the army of other villages and shut down the road to north. The new lord of D'Urd didn't believe that the army of Alhraed could threaten the western D'Urd.

The other lords had to battle without the great army of city of D’Urd. Fortunately to D'Urd Alhraed had not recovered from the war with Periva and they underestimated the small but lethal army of D’Urd. They were shocked when they realized that the army of D'Urd didn't meet their army in the battle of glory. The soldiers of D'Urd attacked swiftly at night and used lethal poisons to slow down the enemy. That reduced the morale of enemy.

At the same year the army of Alhraed had to retreat and the army of D'Urd followed them to the city of Argus. Finally the Alhraed had to conclude peace and new borderline was set to east of Farmountains. The lords returned back to their villages but the people in new conquered lands had to levy tribute on lords. In year 1525 the city of Argus declared to independent city and joined to the principal of D'Urd.

At the beginning of sixth age several lords demanded the throne of principality again. The high commander of city of D’Urd declined. In year 20 twelve lords joined their armies and laid siege on city of D'Urd. Half of the city was burned but lords failed to conquer it. Siege lasted months but finally they had to conclude peace and the high commander of city of D'Urd were crowned to the new high lord of principality. No one has broken the peace but the situation is fragile. The lords wage war on each other but not in public and the assassination had become a respected profession during the last decades.

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