The Third Age - Age of Power

The great was happened in Third Age. Mortals had great wars which changed the very continent of Nagai.

The Third Age year780 >
Western Nagai was ruled the people of Light and the east lords of Darkness.

Gods teach the art of magic and metal smiting

Lich Wrathar becomes to the recognition; He manages to take control entire eastern Nagai

The warlord of Lich Wrathar, X'Ward, rebels and establishes his own administration.

Lich Wrathar is defeated and X'Ward takes the control of darklings. Western races rise against him. The union of the elves and humans is founded and X'Ward is driven further to the east.

Maodighomhnaig, the greatest of elven smiths born.

Gale founds the Lightning Blade and overthrows X'Ward. The eastern Nagai is released for the power of evil. Many great artifacts are created.

A dwarven Lord Khazcandun gathers the clans together and drives the orcs from far mountains. Sandir El'Rais born.

Women who left the knights of Lance found a sisterhood of Amazon

Many great warlords rise from the midst of the humans. Humans begin the war against the Gods. The Gods of Darkness rise against Gods of Light. The union of the elves and humans breaks. The Third Age ends

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