The Fourth Age - Age of Gods

The great battle of Good and Evil achieve its climax. Powerful Magicians, Arch Bishops and Demons encounter in the battle. The great cities of elves and humans are burn to the ground and elves escape to the forests. Trigordian born.

The Light encounters the Darkness in Elethanssa. The Light expels Darkness when the final high priest of Darkness dies. The battle destroys whole Elethan and turns into the Red Desert. The Elder Mountains rise to the north of Elethan and new lakes are born to the borders of great desert.

The Six Gods and one Goddess of the Light manage to survive and they withdraw exhausted. The priests lose their powers without Godly support. Elaine describes the battle in her Chronile.

Powerful Wizard and priest Trigordian kills Sandir El'Rais and denies the Light.

Trigordian (now great wizard and high priest) abandon the Gods of Light and releases three Gods of Darkness. The Gods of the Light do not respond.  The priests of Darkness regain their powers.

Young anonymous wizard defeats Trigordian in Ever Mountains. The volcanoes of the Ever Mountains discharge and enormous cloud of ash covers all easterly Nagai. The Eastern Ever Mountains rise.

The Gods of the Light return and priest of Light regain their powers. Bishop Vegelius founds the Brotherhood of Light to fight creatures of darkness. The fourth age ends.

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