The Fifth Age - Age of Mortals

The Fifth Age year 370 >
Kingdom of Olorien is the greatest of all kingdoms and rules almost whole Nagai. The forces of Darkness are driven to Darkland and Ashland.

Nations are spread all over the Nagai. Many kingdoms were founded. The kingdoms of Periva, Orinoco, and Torik are founded. D'Agaen Kemoa establishes the principality of D'Urd. The darklings attack to the elves in west reducing their number greatly.

The last known Dragon is killed on the Dragon Island. The Slayer, Ocpola Bloodblade, combines north and south for the kingdom of  Olorien.

The Red Comet appears to the sky. The Black Plague breaks out. The Dwarves escape to the Iron Mountains. The elves take their last refuge to Taur Vorn. The humans flee from the cities.

The Plaque is abating in Olorien but it spreads to the Orinoco.

The Red Comet appears again. The Red Plaque breaks out again in Olorien. The elves are accused for the plaque the last of them will escape to the Taur Vorn.

Wizard Viswanthan destroyes city of Kelemvor. The brotherhood of Light raises against the wizard and he had to flee.

The humans of Olorien drive the orcs and darklings to the east. Volcanoes discharge once again in the east and Dark Farmountains will rise. The orcs settle to the Darkland. Bael Ungra born.

The Bael Ungra unites the orcs and humans of Darkland. The city of Bael Ungra was built to honor the great warlord Bael Ungra. The last of the dwarves are driven from the Farmountains. Priests of Alun rule in Bael Ungra.  Bane Bael Ungra born.

Bale Bael Ungra born.

Bane raises against his father. He murders his brother Bale but fails to kill his father and had to flee.

Priests of Alun overthrow Bael Ungra and rule the darkland.

In the east darklings and humans make an alliance. The volcanoes of the Ever Mountains fade, but don't extinguish. The empire of Teh'Bar is founded.

A feud divides the kingdom of Olorien to two parts. The kingdom of Alhraed was founded. Othas is conquered many times by the elves and humans and burnt down several times during the same year.

The Fifth Age year 1587 >
In the end of Fifth age the elves close borders of Taur Vorn and the age of humans began.

The war broke out between Periva and Alhraed. Hit and run war rages a long time.

The bishop Raol the Perfect start begin the persecution of the half-humans in Alhraed. All elves and half-elves are driven to the north.

Bishop Kalamter starts the witch hunt in Orinoco. The persecution of half-breed in Alhraed spreads to Orinoco.

The kingdom of the Periva controls almost all southern sea areas. Peace is concluded between Alhraed and Periva.

The high lord of D'Urd dies and the principality of D'Urd divides to the small village principalities. Alhraed attacks D'Urd.

Pease Treaty is done between  Alhraed and  D'Urdin. The far mountains divide the kingdoms.

Thlag, the prince of Periva, separates for his family and establishes the city of Thlag. The prince dies in the fights. The wizard Mathe destroys the army of Periva attacking the Thlag almost completely. The wizard dies in the battle. The city is renamed to Northlag.

The dwarves withdraw inside the Iron Mountains. The number of orcs and darklings grow on the Ever Mountains and on the Farmountains.

The Fifth Age ends when the elves close the borders of Taur Vorn.

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