The Sixth Age - Age of Humans

The Sixth Age year 97>
The old kingdom of Olorien has divided to several smaller kingdoms. The forces of darkness conquer new areas in west.

Daelton separates for the Olorien. The city of Stoel announces itself a free city.

The king of Stoel makes peace treaty with Alhraed and takes control of the north areas of Stoel all the way to the North Sea. The smith Stalin establishes a secret society, commies. He overthrows the emperor of Daelton, Nikolai the Second, and II, and age of labor begins.

Civil War break out in D'Urd but is ends at the same year to draw. The prince of D'Urd keeps his ruling but in vain.

Priest Theo Asket claims that the priests of Alhraed are hypocrisy and question their belief.

The followers of priest Theo found a monastery of beggar monks to honor the memory of Theo.

The army of Bael Ungra attacks to the Orinoco and conquers the city and pass of Tilhus. The king of Stoel makes peace treaty with Bael Ungra and decides to stay neutral.

The border fights begin between the orcs and humans in Far Mountains. The king of Stoel threats to close the pass of Tilhus and non-aggression pact is made between the Stoel and Bael Ungra.

The first woman rises to the throne of Periva, which almost drives the kingdom to the civil war. Wizard Jalvyn's report for Torik.

Stoel's Old king Cadarn Wise dies and his son Gareth Brave rise to throne. Bishop of Jarnstav, Agnostus Honest, increases the influence of Brotherhood of Light in Stoel. The Muppets and Slashing party begin their journey..

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