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Nagain manner. Valitsemalla net mantereen suurempanaKingdoms of Nagai

The Nagai is generally divided to nine kingdoms: Alhraed, Bael Ungra, Orinoco, Daelton, D'Urd, Olorien, Periva, Teh-Bar and Torik.

These nine great kingdoms rule the majority of the Nagai. However, there are several districts that don't admit any government, for example the free city of Stoel. Also the D'Urd is shattered to several small kingdoms that are ruled by local leaders.

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The most common languages spoken in Nagai are Orinoco, Daelton, D'Urd, Alhraed, Greenish (the language of elves, Olorien) and Darkish (the language of orcs, Bael Ungra). The rarely encountered languages are language of Tehbar, the sea language of Periva and the Nomad languages.

History of Nagai

The Nagai has long and bloody history. The chroniclers are still disputing which of the tales are true and whose history is official. The current prevailing history divides the history of Nagai to the six different times.