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Kingdom of Orinoco was born in the beginning of the fifth age. Almost whole western Nagai was unreachable, because the Far Mountains close the land routes to there. In north the orcs and other darklings had overpowered areas, but just when dwarfs built Tilhus Pass could the others nations also conquer west. Most of the Orinoco citizens descent for the settlers or residents who escaped the war. The elves didn't want to leave their regions and thus almost citizens of the all Orinoco are human.

There are no notes for the real founder of Orinoco in any chronicles. Orinoco was long only a scattered farms and small villages. Continuing invasions from north forced the to join under one flag, which was the base of the kingdom of Orinoco.

The capital of kingdom of Orinoco is Orinoco. Its principal trade is fishing. Like in many other countries, in Orinoco the half-humans and other humanoid creatures are not tolerated. Orinoco pays killing money for dwarves, elves, halflings and especially orcs and other darklings. King of Orinoco has announced the Orinoco clean from all half-humans scum. These cleansing operations have lasted several hundred years, and hardly any one even knows what half-humans and other humanoid creatures look like. The Brotherhood of Light started the cleansing in the middle of fifth age, almost same time the kingdom of Bael Ungra was founded.

There had been many border-wars with Bael Ungra but the real decisive war started in year 54 at sixth time when the superior army of Bael Ungra conquered the city of Tilhus and Tilhus pass. At that time the king of Orinoco was on the visit in city and he died in attack. The successor Gael VII was only 5 years old when his father dies. He becomes a child king when whole administration of Orinoco was confused. During the king Gale VII, the kingdom of Orinoco decayed and the conquerors were never driven away.

The Journey of Heroes

Viswanthan almost ended the journey of heroes. They were defeated but suddenly they awoke and saw that the world had changed in adventure 17 (Rulers of Time). Years had passed and the fate of world was set. Nothing could be done?

The heroes begin their journey from Grove to Devil Swamp in adventure 17-1 (Druid of the Devil Swamp). Their mission was to bring the Hearth of Grove to the druid living in swamp. Their journey was not easy when enemies were all around. Heroes could not get through the Tilhus Pass and they choose to travel in Shadows. When they entered to the real of Shadows they realized that the journey was not safer in there.

Finally they arrived to Devil Swamp and with hope of better tomorrow they headed back to Stoel. They arrived to the Manor of Horse Lord where everything was not right. In the end they had to flee dark priest and his troops and had to enter the Shadows again to cross the mountains. Only a few steps brought them to Monastery of Menthrop. There they found a possibility to change the world. You can read more for their diaries..

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