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The heroes found lost Diary of Wind Wizard Herthe that explained the land of Azgûrath - imperia of Teh-Bar. The Muppets heroes found the book in adventure 19-4 and Slashing heroes in adventure 18-3. Besides the information in diary the heroes don't know anything else for the kingdom. Still it is a lot more than many other knows. Maybe someday the heroes will make their journey to that distant and dark land.


It is said that there is no darker place than Teh'Bar.

At the end of the fourth age the volcanoes of the Ever Mountains discharged, and a dark cloud covered whole Teh-Bar. It is told that almost all life died and in a century there were no life in Teh'Bar. They said that only the darkest mortals and worshippers of the dark gods managed survive under the ash and smoke clouds. During that time no one is told to visit there; the poisonous steam held even the daring adventurers at bay. Anyone didn't even know that there was a life for a long time.

When the Ever Mountains had faded in year 1276 the world heard first time the Teh'Bar residents. The embassy of emperor Xelmonth Urr arrived at that time to Olorien court informing that eastern great magician emperor Xelmonth Urr has restrained volcanoes and trade with Teh'Bar could begin. No one believed that, but as the gold and silver started to flow with merchants visiting there, enormous rush born to the new country. Rumor told that the volcanoes had thrown massive amount of golden and silver to surface, so that anyone was able to collect it without heavy work. Large amount of humans, elves, and other humanoids rushed to the Ever Mountain to search the promised gold. It is told that then the Ever Mountains moved and large volcanoes erupted. According to the assessment almost two hundred thousand people disappeared to the Ever Mountain. The emperor Xelmonth Urr sent message to Olorien that the movement of the mountains was warning to those who try to rob his kingdom.

The empire of Teh'Bar has still remained in isolation and only the Teh'Bar and Za Rae allow merchants to trade with them.

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