Bard Magnus "Dam" Harleigh

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Dam's Background and Past Life

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Dam's Skills During the Campaign

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Writings of the Jack-of-all-Trades

Dam has been productive bard. Here are some of his songs, poems and tales.

Songs part 1: Muppets, Memory of Janna, Jewel of Stoel, Saviors of the Prince, Riddle and An Ode to Stoel.
Songs part 2: Faraway Love, Bard's Farewell and Mage's Duel.
Songs part 3: The Death of Morganbach and Apple Pie and Mead
Songs part 4: True Farewell, Redemption, Deeds done in honour and necessity and The Honor of a Knight
Songs part 5: Ode to Shan
Songs part 6: MUPPETS II, Lady of the Lake, Longings of a Traveller, Stony Meetings and Forth and Back.

Tales : Olaf the Wide Eye, Leaving the Birchknoll

Dam's Diaries

Adventure 1: Lovers >
Adventure 2: Heir to the Throne
Adventure 3: Long Run
Adventure 4: Mystical Flame
Adventure 5: Hunger
Adventure 6: Siege of Birchknoll
Adventure 14: Monastery of Menthrop
Adventure 15: Drystone Keep
Adventure 16: Viswanthan
Adventure 17: Rulers of Time
Adventure 17-1: Druid of the Devil Swamp
Adventure 17-2: Manor of Horse Lord
Adventure 17-3: Honor and Oath
Adventure 17-4: People of Light
Adventure 18: Strange Destinies
Adventure 18-1: Old Debts
Adventure 18-2: Strange Destinies

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