Wizard Morganbach "Morgan" Tval

Morgan got his surname from his mother and his forename is twisted for his master's surname. Morgan died in adventure 19 (Grave of the Old Ones) when heroes travel towards the Red Dungeons.

Lauri Pajunen (lapanen@rieska.oulu.fi)

Morgan's Background and Major Events

Morgan's Background >
Incidences With Orcs >
Morgan In Time >

Final Journal of Morganbach Tval >

Morgan's Skills During the Campaign

At the Beginning >
Adventure 4 (Mystical Flame) >
Adventure 8 (Legacy of Queen) >
Adventure 19 (Grave of the Old Ones) >

Morgan's Bibliography

Details of Spells >

Rebirth of Balaug-Dan >
The Metaphysical History of Nagai >
A Small Essay for Monsters and Creations >
The Tale of Fiolektan and Eliael >

Dreams Part 1: Corpse, Dark, Dream and Dream II.
Dreams Part 2: Divine Dreams, Another Divine Dream, Dream for Ruins.

Poems: Oh, City, Lament, Oh, Why and Vision.

Morgan's Diaries

Adventure 1: Lovers >
Adventure 2: Heir to the Throne
Adventure 3: Long Run
Adventure 4: Mystical Flame
Adventure 5: Hunger
Adventure 6: Siege of Birchknoll
Adventure 7: Patientia Est Virtus >
Adventure 8: Legacy of Queen >
Adventure 9: Homecoming >
Adventure 10: Mirror of Visions >
Adventure 11: Eye of Overseer >
Adventure 12: Flood >
Adventure 12-1: Silent Halls of the Dead >
Adventure 13: Fate of Trapps >
Adventure 13-1: Mission in Grove >
Adventure 14: Monastery of Menthrop
Adventure 15: Drystone Keep
Adventure 16: Viswanthan
Adventure 17: Rulers of Time
Adventure 17-1: Druid of the Devil Swamp
Adventure 17-2: Manor of Horse Lord
Adventure 17-3: Honor and Oath
Adventure 17-4: People of Light
Adventure 18: Strange Destinies
Adventure 18-1: Old Debts
Adventure 18-2: Strange Destinies

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