Orion's Letters

Yölliset seikkailut täysikuun loisteessaAfter meeting Gath, Priest of Alun, Orion wrote two letters. First was to Brotherhood of Light and another to his fiend brother Rigel.

Letter to the Brotherhood of Light

Order of Alun in Stoel

There is in the Red Dragon Inn in the Docks (room 5) a disguised herb merchant, GATH, who is actually a servant of the DEMONS. He tries to spread "his religion" among innocent citizens of Stoel. He is probably got a man called CAIN into his side. Cain works in the Mortuary.

Gath is going to use his dark powers to raise the dead to serve his demon. He plans also to leave city as soon as possible.

May the Light strike quickly and powerfully so the darkness would fall!

(the signature is war hammer)

Letter to brother Rigel

Brother Rigel, Temple of Ceoline, Stoel

Brother Rigel, I write to you to ensure that if I fail in my task you would know what happened. I heard that in Red Dragon Inn in the Docks dwells a worshipper of Alun, Gath. If my suspicions are true, he is powerful priest of evil who is involved to the disappearance of Elizabeth, fiancée of Filippo III. I will go to see who he really is with some of my friends. I believe this letter to my friend who will deliver it to you if I do not return in reasonable time.

May The Light Be With You, Orion

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