The Player Characters

There are two adventuring parties in the Six Blades Campaign - The Slashing party and the Muppets party. Both parties are playing the same campaign and same adventures without knowing or affecting each other. You can read their diaries for the Adventure section. During the adventure members of both parties have advanced and grown even more heroic and powerful.

owl.gif (25042 bytes)The Slashing Party

The priest Legio and wizard Lorna left the Slashing party in adventure 5 (the Hunger), but soon after that the other Slashing heroes found new two new members, the bard and priestess of Light in the adventure 6 (Siege of the Birchknoll).

The new members didn't stay for long and they bid farewell soon. After the Adventure 16 (Viswanthan) the brave fighter Sambal Bald died. The other members bid him the final farewell. In Viswanthan they met an elven noble who joined the party.

Half-elf bid farewell to the heroes in adventure 18 (Masters of Time) and continued his journey to the legends alone. Soon after that the heroes met new fellow travelers.

In the adventure 19 (The Red Chambers) the Slashing party met again a new traveler who joined their party

Today the Slashing party contains following members: Aramoto Akimbo, Balaur De Vrede, Jalvyn Fellstar, Maximillian Kalb and Zayin Alaeth

The Muppets Party

The Muppets heroes have had a long journey and they have bid farewells and welcomes many times. Bard Jack stayed to the Birchknoll in Adventure 6 (The Siege of Birchknoll), but returned to the Stoel and met the other heroes in adventure 13 (The Fate of Trapps).
Also the Bard Dam bid farewell for a moment but met his friends again in adventure 14 (The Monastery of Menthrop).
The wizard Morganbach wanted to study the universe when the other members pondered the adventure 13 (The Fate of Trapps) and left the party. He came back in adventure 18 (Strange Destinies). Soon after that he dies in adventure 19 (The Red Chambers). His final resting place is situated north of Stoel. May his soul rest in peace.
The thief Draviga had to deal some personal business and he left other in adventure 10 (Homecoming) and returned in adventure 13 (The Fate of the Trapps).

When party traveled to the Red Chambers in adventure 18 (The Red Chambers) the thief Shan bid farewell to them. Today she is making her journey alone in the dark alleys of Stoel. When Muppets party examined the Red Chambers in adventure 18 (the Red Chambers) they met a half-elf ranger who joined the party.

Today Muppets party contains following members: Dam, Draviga Geralos, Jack, Orion and Rafael.