Thief Aramoto Akimbo

Shadow has no substance, shadow has no fear, shadow can kill you.

Aramoto joined the Slashing in adventure 17-1 (Druid of the Devil Swamp).

Pertti Lauttamus (

Aramoto's Background

Aramoto's Background

Aramoto's Skill During the Campaign

At the Beginning, adventure 17-1 (Druid of the Devil Swamp)
Adventure 17-4 (People of Light)
Adventure 19 (Grave of the Old Ones)
Adventure 19-2 (Three Dwarven Lords)
Adventure 19-3 (Khazakar)
Adventure 19-5 (Hearth of Darkness)

Aramoto' Journeys, Information and Stories

The Black Gloves and The White Gloves
Elf Hunter's Guide
Inn Fiery Breath

Journeys: Daelton.

Songs: Fisherman's wife

Aramoto's Diaries

Adventure 17-1: Druid of the Devil Swamp
Adventure 17-2: Manor of Horse Lord
Adventure 17-3: Honor and Oath
Adventure 17-4: People of Light
Adventure 18: Strange Destinies
Adventure 18-1: Old Debts
Adventure 18-2: Strange Destinies
Adventure 18-3: Silent Halls of the Dead
Adventure 19: Grave of the Old Ones >
Adventure 19-1: Red Dungeons >

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