Wizard Jalvyn Fellstar

Mix the light personality with cynicism. Jalvyn does not believe miracles, he is almost paranoid and never tells the whole truth to anyone.

Tapio Erola (txr@rieska.oulu.fi)

Jalvyn's Background and Philosophy

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Jalvyn's Philosophy >

Jalvyn's Skills During the Adventure

At the Beginning >
Adventure 9 (Homecoming) >
Adventure 17-1 (Druid of the Devil Swamp) >
Adventure 17-4 (People of Light) >
Adventure 19 (Grave of the Old Ones) >
Adventure 19-2 (Three Dwarven Lords) >
Adventure 19-3 (Khazakar) >
Adventure 19-5 (Hearth of Darkness) >

Jalvyn's Information

Beautiful Torik >
The Sisterhood of Amazon >

Rowan 'Redneck', daughter of Algedr >
Chara, Dauther of  Mirian >

Jalvyn's Diaries

Adventure 11: Eye of Overseer >
Adventure 15-1: Prince Ra-Kûl
Adventure 16: Viswanthan
Adventure 17: Rulers of Time
Adventure 17-1: Druid of the Devil Swamp
Adventure 17-2: Manor of Horse Lord
Adventure 17-3: Honor and Oath
Adventure 17-4: People of Light
Adventure 18: Strange Destinies
Adventure 18-1: Old Debts
Adventure 18-2: Strange Destinies
Adventure 18-4: Silent Halls of the Dead
Adventure 18-4: Silent Halls of the Dead (report)
Adventure 19: Grave of the Old Ones
Adventure 19-1: Red Dungeons
Adventure 19-2: Khazakar
Adventure 19-3: Three Dwarven Kings
Adventure 19-5: Hearth of Darkness (Letters)

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