Balaur De Vrede

Skills and abilities in adventure 19-3 (Khazakar)

Class fighter
Gender/Age male/30
Race human
Alignment CG
Strength 18/39
Intelligence 9
Dexterity 17
Wisdom 8
Constitution 10
Charisma 13
Comeliness 7
Luck 13
Level 19
Experience 2,750,000
THAC0 2 (-1)
Hit Points 88
Weapon Proficiencies Long Sword, Knife, Short Bow, Medium Horse Lance, Morning Star, Throwing Axe
Non-Weapon Proficiencies Animal Training, Dancing, Etiquette, Gaming, Hunting, Riding Horse, Swimming, Tumbling
Languages Orinoco (speak)
Alhraed (speak)
Special Items Long sword +1, Knife, War hammer +3, mail armor, medium shield +3, Cloak of Dwarven King (Protection +5), oil lamp, silk lines, flint and steel, dices, potion of heroism, oil of fiery burning, invisibility powder, plate mail (broken), Plate of Death Knight, chain mail +2, 2 silver candles, 2 golden plates, 1 golden cup, silver necklace, pearls (300 gp), money 3800gp, Heavy war horse (if not sold when away)

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