Priest Maximillian "Max" Kalb

Max joined the Slashing in adventure 19-1 (Khazakar).

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Max's Past Life and Background

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Max's Skills During the Campaign

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Friends and Enemies of Max Kalb

Vegelius is leader of the poor help in Stoel. He is young man who is calm but stubborn. He knows many priests and he has good relationships to the most of churches in Stoel.

Edhil was not only a robber but also member of the Thieves' Guild. He was the youngest of his brother and was hanged. His older brothers are angry and have sword that they will see Kalb in their justice and after that he can be hanged too

Max's Information

Political situation in Daelton

Max's Diaries

Adventure 19-4: Hearth of Darkness (letters)

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