Fighter Sambal Bald

Varmenin suvun perhevaakunaSambal died in adventure 16 (Viswanthan).

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Sambal's Background and Information

Sambal's Background >
Family Varmen >
The other names of Sambal Bald and relationship to the other relatives >

Sambal's Skills During the Campaign

At the Beginning >
Adventure 9 (Homecoming) >

Sambal's Thoughts, Songs and Knowledge

When I Find Out That I Caused The Death Of My Brothers and Sister >.
The Field of the Final Dream >

Songs: The White Mouse that got Away >

The People of the Sun >

Sambal's Diaries

Adventure 1: Lovers >
Adventure 3: Long Run
Adventure 4: Mystical Flame
Adventure 5: Hunger
Adventure 6: Siege of Birchknoll
Adventure 7: Patientia Est Virtus
Adventure 15-1: Prince Ra-Kûl

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