Songs of Bard Magnus "Dam" Harleigh Part IV

True Farewell

From streets of Stoel to the Great Red Sands,
in crypts where the mighty beings once dead walk once more.
Mountains and forests of Nagai, each and more witnessed
the might of the adventures called MUPPETS.

Two Bards, a pair of Locksmiths, a Servant of Ceoline and a Mage in black.
The ones who saved His Royal Highness, Gareth of Stoel. Group who
ended the nomad threat and destroyed demons of fire.
I'm the one who tells their stories; the one who wrote these tales.

Never doubt the word of a Bard. They tell the truth and I tell
tell these stories as one who was part of the might of MUPPETS.
Though our paths part, do not lose heart for courage is in each of us.
Friends of mine thee shall remain, for now and forever.

To Stoel my road takes me, whether I shall reach it, no-one knows,
but know this, MUPPETS, if ever your strength does not prevail,
and you survive, and you could use my sword and spells, may your road
lead you to the Ol' Angry of Stoel, because that's where you'll meet me

Farewell friends, and do take care. The road ahead is long and winding,
where it takes you, I can not tell. But I'll never forget to adventures
we shared and will do my best to make sure that at least to tales remain.
Thus I depart from your company, with a heavy heart filled with sadness.

Legends though we may not yet be, I'll do my best to make the MUPPETS
legend grow. For all that is good and right, we must fight and even
as I'm not with you no more, I will do my share to make this land
a better and a more joyous place for all to live!


On the mound of Birch, or even prior still
my mouth had said things it shouldn't have uttered
My deeds had long been on a level of cruel and mean
as we battled the wail of death, the stories took
common sense away from my brain.

Whether what happened was the mine alone, I do not know,
for such wisdom is beyond my grasp for years to come
Guilty I feel, but the choice is yours, the power thine
to lessen my guilt by granting me a redemption.

For as it seems, our paths collide and all our strength
may not suffice; union of views and differences of thought
we should put aside, for the fate of many weighs heavily
on the shoulders of MUPPETS; broad and thin alike.

I know that can't easily erase, deeds of the past
but in my heart hope remains that worthy of trust I may be
and that on the field of battle, or in a dungeon dark
you will have faith in me, as you do for the rest of MUPPETS.

Deeds done in honour and necessity

With various creatures big and small
the MUPPETS have fought on their path forlorn
beings of magic, beasts of flesh
have met their match with no effect
unliving and live, all cease to move
when the MUPPETS prepare for war

Life on the road is an endless drag
if you do nothing but hack 'n' slash

Flashing blade, holy might
add to this magic alike
one foe or more, it's easy to ignore
as the MUPPETS fight once more
Duel or brawl, in light or at night
our might surpasses all before

To rant and rave is not very smart
if your foe can tear you apart

From songs of power to prayer and bless
there is no such thing in this world
that one could define as MUPPETS rashness
superb plans, marvelously made
And most of the time they never fail
but some of us are not perfect

Villains foul, best be aware
for no evil will resist our stare

Dead in cloth, burned by fire
fiery demons, brought down by lightning
evil slayers, blade to the gut
walking bones, clatter to pieces with a blow
but nothing we is for a reward
all you do is send us a word, for

Vast fortunes asre a certain bore
if you do nothing to help the poor.

The MUPPETS have plenty of int
wisdom picked up from the travels long
inner strength and a lot of charms
quick feet and agile arms
and a physique to match those mentioned before
A word from the wise don't mess with us

Frightening skill and a will to be strong
our destiny on a quest long

All sorts of things have crept against us
but few have left to tell of their fight
those that were spared, were left as a warning
for all those, who desire to challenge us
Never smart to oppose the MUPPETS
for there will be sadness in attendance.

The Honor of a Knight

Was there once a valiant knight
on a quest most noble and might.
In a shining armor he rode the land;
his horse's gallop was steady and swift
Ever vigil for evil to strike down
with the power of right and light.

He's searching for a place that few have heard
though legends remember it from ages gone:
"A fountain of healing that cures all
age and illness were never any match
for the power of the blessed waters"
to use the pool's might to save the ill.

His own powers are varied and strong
inside his shining metal suit, in his chest
beats a heart so noble and gentle;
it must be bigger than any bard's ego
and his mind is as sharp as any sage's
though he works at his own steady pace.

A few can match his skill with a blade
his manners are as kind as any good king's;
his eyes so bright that evil can not hide;
Through his hands, the Power of Good
flows to everyone he lays on his hands
never will evil cross his path and gloat.

No man has ever been so right for his name:
than this knight that was called "Sir"
Now I fear that he is lost from our world
a light has flickered abd shines no more
but never though, throw hope away.
for hope and love conquer all

Farewell, ye valiant knight
may your path be full of joy,
those of us who remain down here,
will do our best to follow your path,
to help those who are in need
and may after this life meet again.

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