Songs of Bard Magnus "Dam" Harleigh Part V

Ode to Shan

As January comes to an end
we mourn the loos of a dear friend
gentle soul with a flaming spirit
even more, a heart out of the purest gold

Alleys and streets in the city of Stoel
were the ground for her talent superb
but through her travels in the land of Nagai
her powers grew on a road shroud in darkness

Even though our way has little light
darkness is even more black ahead
now that the light of Shan has passed away
for death for us all is the final frontier

A founding member of us, the MUPPETS
right from the start a bonding force
a guide and a scout, the pretty lady
fighter she wasn't but did her best
to protect others from forces foul

Folks big and small, it makes no difference
for evil makes no choice in its victims
yet Shan was striving to undo evil
so people could live their lives in peace

I sing this song to remind us all
that the roads are never safe and sound
but also to have all of ye hear
that valorous deeds most noble and brave
are never ever done in vain

From humble beginnings; like many in Stoel
Shan set forth to blaze a path
that most would find hard to match
in either courage or skill of her level

None of us MUPPETS will ever forget
Shan or her deeds, for many a time
she saved us all from the fate
that in the end befell on her light

Gone she may be but life must go on
yet her memory is strong in all of us
and so it shall remain till the end of times
when the MUPPETS unite for the final battle
on the side of all Good and Light

So rest in peace, you have earned it well
but for those of us who remain behind
life is filled with sorrow and pain
yet we hope to see you beyond this life.

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