Songs of Bard Magnus "Dam" Harleigh Part VI


Dam is still writing and singing these songs
the one whose talents were many to begin with
and have multiplied onto a larger scale

Orion the Chronicler, the one from the west
is forever doing battle with forces foul
strong is his faith and his wisdom great

Love I'm from days on end learning
for a Scholar's work is never finished
still fighting with venom and fury

Where is he, Morganbach Tval the Wizard?
no one knows but maybe in days to come
his mighty spells and charms join us again

The savior and saved sings this song
for our destinies are even greater still and
because all must know who we were and are

Small in size is still the Lady named Jack
she hasn't turned from the path of a bard
today she fights less but casts mighty Arts

Still I'm the biggest of us in size
my soul these days is less gentle on the road
Crafts I use and Arts I cast, as ever

Far south of Stoel, came Draviga the Silent Hunter
wealth and women he always loves, not known is his past
the multitude of talents he possesses a match for any

The land of Daelton is the composers home
town of Nora I sprang onto the world of Nagai
and have sang a new song of my longings to return there

Yet again the "pretty lady" named Shan
is mentioned last but she is hardly the least
her skill in battle and silence rival some or none

Of my destiny and that of others of our bunch
I, Dam, bard with many talents sing this song
so the MUPPETS shall be known to all

Lady of the Lake

I sat on the shore of a small lake
out of breath, and somewhat tired
Then I saw the Lady of the Lake
as she rose from the depths into view

Her hair was wet, as you'd expect
and her clothes were soaking wet
they clung to her body so very tight
and I praised the gods I saw the Lady (again)

She wasn't that tall, around five foot tall
but that didnt' diminish her good looks
clothes did nothing to hide hide her figure
so curvy, enough to make any man tempted

Something rose from the water below the Lady
it didn't pique my interest, yet it was white
but I had eyes just for the Lady of the Lake
For I was blessed to see her so rising

My luck didn't end there, not at all
for the lady came ashore, and laid down
soon the MUPPETS travel again to danger
But I have seen the beauty of the Lady from the Lake!

Longings of a Traveller

How long has it been, since I have been home?
To see those who live there, family and friends
On the road, one finds new friends, dear and precious
but there is nothing like family in this world
and even friends most dear and true cannot replace family

The pain lessens from time to time, only to rise again
with more force than before the pain hits you in the night
Any day the pain may come and take your mind somewhere else
thoughts drift to faraway lands, green and sunny, happy lands
You see your home like you remember it, safe and sound

Smoke rises from the chimney straight up towards the sky
no wind rustles the leaves and birds sing the nature's song
A rare cloud shades from time to time the ground below
I look on to this land from high above, like a soaring eagle
Diving down to look closer, I see the places I used to visit

I am faraway from this land of my birth, the pain returns
but just looking at it even in my memories or my mind
easies the pain that lingers in my thoughts like a cloud
And friends are with me, new friends with whom
life is never boring or safe for a long while

But life is what you make of it and this is my choice for now
follow the road that my destiny plants me on, a happy path
and from that trail, I sidetrek from time to time
to see what lies on the other trails that twist and twine,
mingle with this path of mine as it leads me on in life

Home is far but one must take heart and have faith
hope that someday the road will lead back there again
If trudge I must ever onwards, there is no hope for me
and without hope none of us wil ever find a happy end
For hope and faith are the things we must hold on to

Forth and Back

Ahoy, friends
Lo! behold
Who? What? Where?
Is that a castle I see standing
on that ridge up ahead?
Aye, aye, so it is
See, see, a gate there is
at the end of that ramp
Ahaa, indeed it is
But should we look for another way in?
The gate is guarded and thus dangerous
Nay, nay, our might wll prevail
I am uncertain about this venture
for I have an uneasy feeling in this night
Fear not, for we have magic and weapons
Sometimes they aren't enough and you need more
if the enemy is aware of us and ready for a fight
It is night and most are asleep
Though we surprise a few, what to do when the rest come
to help the others, they'll have magic and weapons too?
Bah-hah, so what, we have made our mind
Up to the gate, through forces of those already dead
we fought our way and even breahced the gate
So why not push it further, past the gates?
Two down, four to go, we chose to retreat and come again
another time the keep will fall, for MUPPETS triumph all.

Stony Meetings

Us MUPPETS seem to have met a trend
that may see our lives coing to an end
creatures and monsters that can turn us to stone
which means some of us could end up alone

First came lizards of flesh and bone
who'll never sit on the animal kingdom's throne
woth spell and blade we slew all three
as they came at us with a look of hungry glee

we didn't escape the fights without a scratch
but we gave the beasts more than their match
to stone they turned two from our total number
who then stood as stone in an endless slumber

The stonings were cancelled with liquid magic
otherwise the results could have been tragic
such help was not without a price very high
but that sort of aid isn't available to buy

Then we travelled to a place in the ground below
where we came upon a figure in yellow
she was a medusa with snakes as her hair
stunned, we gulped our lungs full of air

Hissing she came on, to try and slay us all
maybe I should have made her taste a fireball
stone was in her gaze, as the battle began
her face so hideous, she would disgust any man

She had taken up a position of some power
but we demoted her to a place a lot lower
her might we ended with our combined strength
so her evil couldn't last for any more length

Victory was ours after a grueling battle
now I wouldn't mind a healing bottle
skirmish had been as bloody and tough as any
most of us were covered in wounds too many

Once again the MUPPETS have survived a horror
so the people who live here can go on without terror
or the fear of turning to stone from the medusa's gaze
as we leave the place of battle, it was in a shining haze

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