Adventure 1: Lovers

Yölliset seikkailut täysikuun loisteessaThe journey to the heroes of legends begins when the  Jiro calls them to meeting. He tells that he has a mission to them and because they have spent some 'quality time' in the Guild of the Free they should do something to help the guild.

Jiro tells the heroes that an influential friend of the guild need help to find his daughter. The friend, Eorl the Goldsmith has promised his daughter to noble named Filippo Grimwall and they were supposed to get married last week. Day before wedding, one week ago, Elizabeth disappeared.

Jiro suspects that the woman has been kidnapped by Uskans and because Eorl asked help he will get it. Jiro says that the mission is really important, because the guild has not too many friends. He also announces that Eorl will pay the heroes for this mission if they bring his daughter back.

And so it begins...

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The heroes find out the dark fate Elizabeth met and Cain was lost to darkness. The Darkness was approached the Stoel although the Brotherhood of Light patrolled in the streets. Filippo Grimwall III, Elizabeth's fiancé, broke when he heard the death of his bellowed and lost his mind. He was sent to abbey of brotherhood.

Eorl the Goldsmith closed his store for a week and shut down to his house to moan his daughter’s death. So say that his appearance changed to an old man. No longer is his shop glittered and shivered, but everything shiny was removed from the shelves and the walls were painted to black. Only dark red and blue jewels were left to almost empty shelves. It was like a dark cloud has covered the store.

Jiro has become even harsher. Eorl was still a friend of the guild, but his donations were only a fragment of what they were before. His state of mind was uncertain and he could not be trusted anymore. In spite of all that Jiro saw some bright sides in current situation. The heroes were proved themselves and succeeded in mission where event the most powerful wizards and priests were failed. He certainly has use for capable party of adventurers...

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