Adventure 6: Siege of Birchknoll

Metsä täynnä ihmeellisiä olentojaThe Claw Tribe has been rescued and heroes has bid farewell to them. It is time to continue journey back to Stoel. What else can happen to heroes in their journey?

Stoel has lost its old king and Brotherhood of Light has grew its power. Orcs and other darklings are gathering near borders of Stoel. Is Stoel safe anymore?

In their journey the heroes traveled through birch forest. Seeing green and life after the desert gave them strength. Everything was fine until they found path that was no doubt created by orcs; Everything beautiful was killed, destroyed and devastated under the orcs' heavy boots. This must not go unpunished they though...

Heroes met some orcs and quickly forest turned to battle area. Orcs had no chance to skillful heroes but every orc that fell was replaced by two others. Soon it turned out that battle was hopeless, there where too many orcs around. When heroes had used all their spells and no more arrows was left they had to retreat. Offensive battle turned to defensive.

The heroes made desperate rush though orcs and run before they recovered. But orcs didn't want let their prey to flee. The  chase continued hours and heroes felt their burning pain in their tired muscles. In that desperate moment they arrived to a small village, birchknoll.

Birchknoll is a small halfling village in small knoll in the middle of birch forest. No map shows its location and only rare people even know that it exists. The halflings had lived peaceful live until now. Now the village surrounded by orcs.

Orcs and other darklings had attacked several times to village. Many of defending halflings have died and some have tried to escape but were captured by orcs. The worst was that even at night the attacks didn't  pause; the ghostly wail broke silent night and the villagers expect that something is torturing captured orcs. Hope is almost gone when the heroes arrive.

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The darkness has been beaten, or is is...?

The heroes solved the mystery in birchknoll,  killed Hovermonin and found the Dagger of Magaren. Village was saved.

Slashing heroes evacuated village and led the halflings away, while Muppets heroes defended the village until last orc was killed.

Many halflings died and many holes were destroyed, but brave halflings didn't lost their hope for better future. Without the help of heroes none of the would have survived. There was both joy and sadness when the heroes bid farewell to them. After a generations the halflings would gather around fireplace and tell the story of big men and women who saved the birchknoll.

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