Adventure 8: Legacy of Queen

Hämähäkkejä onko heitäThe heroes arrive finally to the village called Hillgrove. It is a small village where lives about hundred men, women and children. Part of the village is tightly on the mountain wall and the other part is near the fields. Although many families are agricultural, almost everyone also hunt in near forests. The villagers are merry but there is something strange in the air...

There is a small copper mine near the village and strange things have happened in there. The miners and everyone entered to the mines have become mad. The spiritual leader of village, priest of the Queen, asks help for the heroes and promises a good reward if they help.

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Undead, dead bodies and spiders drove the heroes almost to their destruction. Only their quick actions saved them. The curse of the mine was solved and miners were cured for their madness. The heroes were celebrated and one of them had honor to escort new priestess to the temple of Queen...

But everything was not as it first seemed to be...

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