Adventure 9: Homecoming

Ritari metsässäThe long journey back to Stoel was almost complete. Heroes had left Hillgrove behind and the fastest way was through the Red Forest.

The Red Forest, which the elves called Enthrop's Forest was not always safe path. The legends say that the forest is the only remaining part of the great forest that once covered most of the Nagai. The legends say that there are still living elves but no-one had found proofs for that. The other legend says that the ghosts of elves are haunting in there.

Despite the warning heroes decide to go through the forest.

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Sometimes legends are true. The heroes didn't met any elves but they found something that was very elvish or twisted version of elf. The beast knight met in forest in past was still alive and if the heroes ever return to Hillgrove maybe the old granny will add the heroes to his stories.

Finally the heroes arrived back to Stoel and it remains to be seen if their adventure is ever told in Hillgrove.

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