Adventure 10: Mirror of Visions

Stoelin uudel lait panavat vaakakupeissaThe members of Guild of the Free in Stoel had even harder time. The tightly controlled ferries between Trapps and Stoel has caused troubles for many thieves and beggars who worked inside the city walls. Many thieves have been sentenced to the Red Dungeons had also been severe strike to guild of the Free.

After the brother Stone get strange illness and Dark Master disappeared the catastrophe is near- this is the moment Uscans were waiting.

Uscans whose affairs are assassinations and murders had had dangerous missions always. The tightened law haven't changed that a bit; those who had get caught were always killed or sentenced for life. Thus the new prison, Red Dungeons, does not threaten them more than normal prison.

The Guild of the Free, however, is in different situation. Their members are mostly common people and beggars, who have tried to survive in hard world. Their crimes have been minor and  verdicts light.  Now new Laws sentence almost all criminals to Red Dungeons. The Uscans have taken advance for the situation of Guild of the Free and several its high members were found killed from his bed or dark alleys. The Guild of the Free is in troubles. 

Thus they must find help for people who had influence. Without priest and powerful wizard they are vulnerable and Uscans may attack directly to leaders of guild. The One Hand had decided to ask help for the Wizards' Guild. Wizard's Guild will not publicly help thieves guild, that One Hand knows, but they may help other ways. Several younger members of Wizards' Guild offered to help Guild of the Free, if they first help them is some small businesses. The first business is to steal some documents from the building of priest of Brotherhood, priest Faber's House.

And the heroes arrive right in time to help the Guild of the Free in that particular mission...

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Strange things are revealed during the mission. The mission itself was accomplished perfectly despite the appearance of priest Faber and that the house burnt down. The wizards paid for the mission well and promised to help the guild.

Brotherhood didn't found out that documents were stolen and no-one even examined the burning. Priest Faber ordered that remains his house must be demolish and the remains must be buried. No-one was allowed to build in that place and soon everyone forgot the incident...

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