Valkea veljeskunta valvooAdventure 11: Eye of Overseer

Soon after the previous adventure, The guild of the Free heard from the wizard that helped them that Brotherhood of Light intent to bring 7 sacred mirrors from Alhraed.

They say that the mirrors were blessed by Gods and priest were able to see hidden thing from them. The mirrors could see even the darkest corner and street of Stoel, even the secret meeting places. Maybe they could see inside the WIzards' Guild. This was not good for anyone and the wizards explained that they would not be sorry if the mirrors were destroyed - accidentally..

At the same time the heroes received a strange invitation. The not-so-famous  Wizard Fargo contacted them and explained in note that he has important news..

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The heroes located the secret headquarter of Uscans. They found out that it was in place no-one could have expected. Even more surprising things found out when priestess of Alunn, Jiro and his Blue Snakes captured heroes. Behind everything was not Jiro or the priestess, but leader of Uscans was legendary Monster of Merino who had controlled affairs in city behind scenes.

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