Adventure 12-1: Silent Halls of the Dead

Kuoleman hiljaiset salitMuppets heroine Shan met the evil priestess Nancy, and she died. In the end the good deeds are rewarded and evil actions punished, or could the last days change everything?

The heroes, however, didn't give up but decided to challenge the death to bring Jalvyn back. Was this their last effort, could it succeed?

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Slashing Diaries

Slashing heroes didn't travel to the silent halls of the dead in this point of campaign. Their journey began later in adventure 18-4 (Silent Halls of the Dead) when wizard Jalvyn died.


The heroes saw the Silent Halls of the Dead, a place no-one should see before death. They didn't tell anyone what they saw; they were not even sure that everything they encountered really happened. Wizard WynderWnd who made the rite of death paid dearly for the that experience.

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