Adventure 12: Flood

Stoelia kohtaa Elainen vanha ennustusThe heroes are in bad situation when they are king's scouts and on the other hand members of Guild of the Free who try to help people of Trapps. Everyone have different opinion how dangerous the people in Trapps are and are they criminals or not. Even the Brotherhood of Light had to ponder that. The heroes do not know that brotherhood is planning to capture most dangerous leaders in  the Trapps.

The king's other scouts reports are disturbing and brotherhood is forced to hurry. Report indicate that the headquarter of criminal leaders is the Tower of Elaine. Large number of soldiers, priests and wizards land at night to the shore of Trapps. The strike was intended to be quick and swift elimination of criminal organizations..

They didn't, however, believed the Curse of Elaine and that was a mistake...

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Slashing Diaries

Slashing heroes left Stoel and went to explore monastery of Menthrop. They found out later for the flood.


The wizards and priests examined the tower and tried to get inside by using spells and magic. By doing this they violated centuries long peace and suddenly distant sound began from south. The battle in Trapps paused and everyone turned to see what was causing the noise. The sky darkened and a wall of waves appeared to the horizon.

After a few blinks the storm wave covered whole Trapps and southern docks. It covered everything, people, houses, wizards and priest leaving destruction behind. Only the buildings in Grace survived without damage.

Those who survived for the disaster swear that they saw face of beautiful and sad woman on top of wave.

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