Adventure 13: Fate of Trapps

Loukon kohtalo vaakalaudallaNew winds blow in the Guild of the Free. The One Hand wants to share his power and has created a council to rule the guild. Their mission is to run guild and help people of Trapps. In addition of One Hand and heroes, some other members of guild are summoned;  Dolgan Freen, Galgaidheal, Graf Left Ear, Hal Peaceful, Kobi Meri Morte and Enrico.

"Power brings responsibility" is said and now that heroes have that responsibility to help people of Trapps to survive after the flood. Poor people won't survive long so heroes must hurry in their decisions.

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The Muppets heroes visited in Grove during the Fate of Trapps and next mission will tell how they got help for druids. 


City of Stoel returns to normal business soon. All sorrows have not been forgotten yet, and the marks of devastation are still visible but together they everyone begin to re-build beautiful city.

ANd the people of Trapps... The devastation was hardest to them but maybe they also win the most. Heroes and the Guild of the Free led the people of Trapps inside the walls of Stoel and moved to the empty houses of southern docks. Not everyone accepted this but because of swift and fast operation the heroes accomplished unnecessary bloodshed was avoided. Only time can show if the people of Trapps adapt to the ways of people of Crossing and Docks.

And the heroes. After the mission they continued their journey to Monastery of Menthrop.

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