Adventure 14: Monastery of Menthrop

Yleisesti käytety elementtien suhteetLife in Stoel changes every day, they say.

The flood destroyed large part for the great city and lots of people had disappeared with the waves of Elaine. The Brotherhood is disturbed and Wizards' Guild has lost their leaders. Despite all that the merchants continue their daily affairs and common people try to collect whatever they can found. The people of Trapps were the ones who benefit the disaster most; They managed to get inside the walls of Stoel.

The Heroes have done their good deeds and may continue their journey. This time they head towards the monastery of Menthrop.

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Monastery of Menthrop, a place of people of Light in ancient times. The heroes found monastery and the healing fountain, but price was hard. The ancient evil, Tannari Lord Tag'Glabrezu,  who was trapped inside the walls of monastery was free again.

But the heroes were not alone against the darkness, the warrior of light, Knight Jaluster from Orinoco, fought beside them. The darkness will never forget and darkness is eternal, but nor does the Light forget and also it is eternal.

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