Adventure 15: Drystone Keep

I Pray Thee O Mighty GodOnly a few place is so secretive as the training center of Brotherhood of Light's, Drystone Keep. There are many stories and rumors for the place where the most valiant crusades of faith are trained. But no place is impossible to find nor there is place the darkness cannot enter. This happened also to the Drystone Keep and the forces of darkness conquered it.

The heroes heard for the fate of keep and decided to banish the forces of darkness for the beautiful keep of Light.

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Muppets heroes fought their way to the keep and banished the darkness. Dark priests had to flee for the wrath of heroes and they didn't dare to return before night. But the priests were not powerless; their faith made the earth itself to shake. Earthquake opened great chasms and the heroes fell deep to the abyss..

Slashing heroes rushed to the battle against darkness and left no priest alive. They left ruined keep behind and continued back to the monastery of Menthrop.

On the way Slashing heroes met a prince from distant land, Princei Ra-Kûlin. Muppets heroes fell underground and found themselves in strange place called Viswanthan.

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