Adventure 17-1: Druid of the Devil Swamp

Mikä on Pirunsuon DruidiThe heroes arrived to the Grove, the final refuge of humans fighting against forces of darkness. They met the rebellion and saw that the army of darkness was overwhelming.

Army of undead closed the Grove and blocked the escape routes. When Dark Master, who had joined the resistance, was captured everything seems to be lost. Destruction of the Grove was inevitable.

Then a archdruid, Ironspike, came to heroes and asked them to carry the hearth of Grove away. He asks them to bring it to the druid of Devil Swamp. .

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The heroes traveled to west through the burnt land. Finally they arrived to Devil Swamp and astonished when they saw the druid. They delivered over the hearth of Grove to druid who promished to keep it safe until the time is right to plant it again.

The heroes bid farewell to druid and continue their journey back to Stoel. On the way they visit in a manor of horse lord.

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