Adventure 17: Rulers of Time

Punainen komeettaThe world has changed and nothing as it used to be. Sun is pale and only half what it used to be. It does not  illuminate as before and the color is slightly red. Sun is not only thing that is strange; woods, plants and even the grass is dry and partly dead. Nowhere can be heard the noises of nature; no sound of animals or birds can be heard. The world seems to die.

Ten years have passed since the heroes walked on Nagai.

Years are gone and future does not seem turned better. Brotherhood of Light has vanished and there is brotherhood of darkness instead. King does not rule Stoel anymore but Lord Baruk Kaah has claimed the throne. And the red comet is on the sky and no-one has seen the moon for a long time..

And the priests are alone. Gods of light do not bless the priests anymore. There is no trace for them but the Gods of Darkness have taken their places..

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New challenges wait the heroes who just have recovered the earlier changes. The last free humans have gathered to the Grove, the only place where orcs and forces of darkness do not rule. But now the situation in grove has changed when the undead armies approach it.

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