Adventure 18-1: Old Debts

Vanha kuva Methropin luostarista vuosisatojen takaaAll unfinished business that you leave behind you will find for the future again. Sometimes this is true as the heroes find out.

The heroes begin their journey to monastery of Menthrop. Priests of  the brotherhood of Light had found the monastery and their purpose is to restore it back to its previous glory. They, however, doesn't know that inside there is trapped demon who waits someone to release it.

The heroes had to face difficult problem. Should they help the priest and risk that the demon will escape or should they stop the priests and stand against church.

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Once again the monastery is sealed and hidden deep inside the forest. Priest who restored it disappeared and new expedition could not find the monastery again, thanks to heroes. All is like before and only the heroes know where monastery is. Now the demon trapped inside could not cause anymore harm in the world...

Hopefully this is true... The heroes had to make difficult decision and it will most likely haunt their dreams long time.

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