Adventure 18: Strange Destinies

Stoelin tornitSlashing and Muppets heroes had arrived back to Stoel, but not everything is as it should. Heroes have learned that sometimes things happen to them, but this time there was something really wrong...

Some people will recognize heroes very different. They claim that heroes have done things that they cannot remember. They claim that one of the heroes is a merchant, the other wizard apprentice and some of them are married to people they have never met. Everything seems to be wrong.

The heroes ponder the present, past and future when the strange destinies lead them to unknown destination.

In the city many things happen and the heroes get in trouble. They meet wizards, rogues, rat-people and of course, priests of Brotherhood of Light, which they - believe or not - had missed.

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The heroes try to fix their life, at least part of it. When they search the answers Dark Master arrives and explains the problems in the monastery of Menthrop.

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