Adventure 19-1: Red Dungeons

Mitä sankarit odottivat läytävänsä...Slashing heroes arrived to the village of Red Dungeons but the keep was too tightly guarded and they had to find another way in Red Dungeons. They continued their journey to north and arrived to the a small village, Howling Stones. Near it they found an entrance inside the mountains.

Muppets heroes followed their priest, Orion, in his holy quest and entered in Red Dungeons through the keep. They stepped inside dark caves bravely even though they didn't knew what was waiting them.. 

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The heroes explored the Red Dungeons and encountered many strange things and monsters. The dungeons were not a safe place, not even experienced adventurers. Finally they found out that deep inside was trapped a hearth of dark lord - Hearth of Alun..

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