Adventure 19-3: Khazakar

Mikä ihme onkaan KhazakarThere are many stories and legend for the monsters called Beholders. They are the oddest creatures ever walked - or floated on Nagai. Beholders are not new creatures for the heroes; they have met one in Stoel. In spite of that their journey to the nest of Khazakar was not easier.

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The heroes defeated Khazakar and examined its nest. There, under the masses of water, the golden doors were hidden and behind them the hearth of darkness.

Slashing heroes defeated Khazakar before they entered to the halls of three dwarven lords. Thus their journey continued elsewhere before they entered through the golden doors.

Muppets heroes had already solved the mystery of three dwarven lords. They searched areas near Khazakar's nest and found the diary of Wind Wizard Herthe.

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