Adventure 19-4: Diary of Wind Wizard Herthe

Wind Wizard Herthe was traveled who had visited almost in every part of Nagai. He had traveled decades and had written dozens of detailed diaries for his journeys. His diaries tell the southern pirates, elven courts and even the dark life of denizens of Bael Ungra. His diaries are wanted and they contain information that common travelers hardly find out.

Dark Master explains the heroes that the Wind Wizard Herthe has just arrived from far east, Teh-Bar. Teh-Bar had been a long time closed place and almost no-one knows its secrets. Only some sailors that have visited the port of Teh-Bar have told some pieces of information for the strange life style and odd habits of the denizens of Teh-Bar. Herthe, however, had been inside the great empire, a place where no-one else hasn't returned.

The only problem is that Herthe had disappeared before anyone had had a chance to read his diaries.

Further Informations

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Slashing Diaries

Slashing heroes found the diary earlier in adventure 18-3 (Diary of Wind Wizard Herthe)


Muppets heroes found the diary from Red Dungeons and found out the dark secrets of eastern land.

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